18k Gold Monogram Cuff

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Wear timeless elegance every day with this bracelet cuff design, adorned with initials and brilliant stones.

This item includes 1 cuff bracelet, with at least 2 customizable sides; you can pick up to 3 options to mix and match!

Scroll to the bottom to read about the meaning of monogram!


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Monogram Collection

Monograms represent personal identity and individuality, showcasing initials in a stylish, timeless, unique design. They symbolize a personal touch and can convey a sense of heritage and tradition. They often represent our self love, or the love we have for a special someone.

Gemstones carry various meanings depending on the type.
Generally, they symbolize beauty, strength, and luxury.
Specific stones have unique significances:

Our selection for this design is the Diamond-
Diamonds represent purity and eternity.

Together, monograms and gemstones create a personalized and meaningful piece of jewelry.
Adorning daily elegance with a touch of personal charm—18k gold, initials, and dazzling gemstones for a look as enduring as a tattoo.

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Product Info

The Monogram Cuff Bracelets are handmade in Paraguay in fairmined 18k Gold.

Featuring options with Natural Diamonds certified by a GIA specialist.

The bracelet cuffs have a standard wrist size of 16cm diameter – they are adjustable (3cm smaller or 3cm wider). If you require a specific size, please contact us to create the perfect cuff!


Diamonds selected are only natural diamonds.

Please consider the artisanal handracftiship and know that no two pieces are identical.

Sizes and design may vary slightly.

Ex. rod lengths/angles/thicknesses may be slightly different, as may be the positioning of each piece.

Every piece sets differently on each individual hand/ear. Thats the magic of hand made pieces.

Each product is a story of its own, so if you are not satisfyed with what you recieved, we will be happy to see how we can help.

Shipping can take between 2 to 4 weeks depending on the order and destination. We thank you for your patience.