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Andrea Barrail Art Jewelry was born from the thought that Paraguayan culture was being overlooked. With the idea of showing the world different aspects of Paraguayan traditions through art, Andrea created the first collection based on indigenous wooden tattoos fused with contemporary art. The whole concept of the brand is to create consciousness of art in third world countries.

Jewelry is not a major industry in Paraguay, yet the designer found a “pot of gold” while working with the artisans. “Their talent is impeccable and a secret to most people since no one gives them the acknowledgment they deserve. 

“My goal is to make Paraguay a well known location for jewelry art in the world”- says the designer.

Her art is divided into collections with different meanings, using jewelry as timeless talismas that carry stories through lifetimes.

The first collection, Ambüe, launched in 2016 at Miami Art Basel represented by Cristina Grajalles gallery.  Her inspiration came at a difficult time for her where, like in many people’s lives, she was going through a great deal of change and growth. The word “Ambüe” means “to be transformed” in her home town’s indigenous language, Guarani.

She chose the butterfly as her main design because the butterfly is a perfect example of how major change can signify unexpected beauty.

Two important factors of inspiration for her were her father Pedro Barrail’s modern designs, and the traditional tattoos found in Guarani indigenous art. She found a way to fuse both aspects and create the sculpture pieces she has presented all over the world.

Continuing this high of design and creation, Andrea expanded her Art Jewelry collections. The second collection Gossamer inspired by trusting life’s process, and the third one launching this February in NYC inspired by life’s connections.

Growing into the jewelry world, Andrea not only found a passion for design, but immersed herself in the gem world. Beginning her career at GIA NYC. Currently travels the world in search of the perfect gemstones, creating connections with amazing people in the industry along the way.

Other than art jewelry and gems, her world evolved into timeless pieces, unique pieces, and any way jewelry can represent a part of her creativity.

Jewelry has a peculiar way to immortalize moments, feelings, and memories. We invite you to discover her world and find a way to fall in love with gems, art and design as much as she has.

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