Ambüe Papilio Studs

$ 1.500

Part of the Ambüe Collection, inspired by change and growth, making its debut at Art Basel 2016, the Papilio Studs come in a variety of combinations.

Choose between a mismatched set, or a pair of each butterfly design.

All pieces are handmade in 18k gold.

Learn more about the Ambüe Collection here.

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Papilio Studs

Designed to sit gracefully on the earlobe, like the Papilio butterfly known for its vibrant colors and graceful flight.

With striking patterns and tails resembling a swallow’s wings, this butterfly embodies nature’s artistry.

Embracing the beauty and elegance of nature with every flutter. #Papilio

Ambüe Collection

From the Ambüe collection – inspired by the butterflies ability to thrive through change.

Please consider the artisanal handracftiship and know that no two pieces are identical.

Sizes and design may vary slightly.

Ex. rod lengths/angles/thicknesses may be slightly different, as may be the positioning of each piece.

Every piece sets differently on each individual hand/ear. Thats the magic of hand made pieces.

Each product is a story of its own, so if you are not satisfyed with what you recieved, we will be happy to see how we can help.

Shipping can take between 2 to 4 weeks depending on the order and destination. We thank you for your patience.