Andrea Barrail


Our Story

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Where It All Began

My name is Andrea Barrail, I’m the Founder, Designer, and Gemologist of Andrea Barrail Jewelry. Born from the thought that Paraguayan culture was being overlooked, I found that through jewelry, there is an opportunity to share a different aspect of Paraguayan traditions with the world.
My first collection was inspired by indigenous “tattoos” on wood, fused with contemporary art. My brand’s purpose is to play a part in creating a global consciousness of the artistic heritage and talent of less renowned countries, such as Paraguay.
​As jewelry is not a major profession in Paraguay, I found that through this industry I shared a passion with local artisans. Their talent is unquestionable and their attention to detail is impeccable.

In a world dominated by social media and the corporate scene, it was such a breath of fresh air to find love inside every handmade piece made by these artists working slowly with so much fervor. It is truly enlightening to have the opportunity to shine a light on such skills that were almost forgotten in my beautiful Paraguay. As ilike finding a true gem that deserved the spotlight. My dream is to make Paraguay a well-known location for jewelry art in the world.​

Some moments change your life, for me, this was when the enchantment of the jewelry world was revealed to me. I completed the Jewelry Designer certification at IED in Barcelona in 2015, I graduated as a gemologist at GIA New York and did my first appearance at Design Miami with Cristina Grajales Gallery from New York in December 2016. The launch of my first collection in Paraguay was in 2017. Since then, my team and I have never stopped creating

More than just a pretty design, every piece of my collections carry with them a profound meaning and personal stories behind. Every pieces has a influences on my father’s modern designs, and the traditional tattoos I found in Guarani indigenous art, this art that imply maturity and evolution, which bring life to my first collection: Ambüe, that means “ to be transformed” in my home town’s indigenous language: Guarani.
I chose the butterfly as my main design symbolizing the is a perfect example of how major change can signify unexpected beauty.
I would love to know your thoughts and you also can contact me for custom design.