Andrea Barrail



(SPA) (IPA phonetic alphabet) – kuhn-chee-tuh

As the sole GIA Certified Diamond and Gem Specialist 

in Asunción, Paraguay; aside from art jewellery, 

Andrea Barrail’s passion lies in hunting special 

gems around the world to create precious heirlooms.

Conchita is an alter ego – 

that crazy, colorful, fun, precious person 

all of us are hiding inside. 

The pieces in this collection 

some – ready to ship  / in stock – 

come from Andrea’s own conchita obsessions.

Others are custom pieces catering to our 

clients’ needs and personal obsessions.

Only 18k gold, silver, and natural Gemstones.

All pieces are handmade in Andrea’s 

workshop, where she oversees a small and 

tight-knit team of thorough specialists.

We invite you to join the hunt and thrill of owning a 

handmade timeless treasure.